1. French knife or chef’s knife.
Most frequently used knife in the kitchen, for general-purpose chopping, slicing,
dicing,and so on.The blade is wide at the heel and tapers to a point.Blade length of
10 inches (260 mm) is most popular for general work. Larger knives are for heavy
cutting and chopping.Smaller blades are for more delicate work.
This is your most important tool,so you must learn to handle it and care for it
well.Chapter 7 explains its use in detail.

2. Santoku knife or Japanese cook’s knife.
A wide-bladed knife that is becoming increasingly popular as a substitute for the
traditional chef’s knife.Blades are usually 5 inches (13 cm) or 7 inches (18 cm) long.

3. Utility knife or salad knife.
A narrow,pointed knife 6 to 8 inches (160 to 200 mm) long.Used mostly for pantry
work, cutting and preparing lettuce, fruits, and so on.Also useful for carving roast
chicken and duck.

4. Paring knife.
A small pointed blade 2 to 4 inches (50 to 100
mm) long. Used for trimming and paring vegetables
and fruits.

5. Boning knife.
A thin, pointed blade about 6 inches (160 mm) long. Used for boning raw meats
and poultry. Stiff blades are used for heavier work. Flexible blades are used for
lighter work and for filleting fish

6. Slicer.
A long,slender,flexible blade up to 14 inches (360 mm) long.Used for carving and
slicing cooked meats.

7. Serrated slicer.
Like a slicer, but with a serrated edge. Used
for cutting breads,cakes,and similar items.

8. Butcher knife.
A heavy, broad, slightly curved blade. Used for cutting, sectioning, and trimming
raw meats in the butcher shop.

9. Scimitar or steak knife.
A curved,pointed blade.Used for accurate cutting of steaks.

10. Cleaver.
A very heavy, broad blade. Used for cutting
through bones.

11. Oyster knife.
A short, rigid, blunt knife with a dull edge.
Used for opening oysters.

12. Clam knife.
A short, rigid,broad-bladed knife with a slight edge.Used for opening clams.

13. Vegetable peeler.
A short tool with a slotted, swiveling blade.Used for peeling vegetables and fruits

14. Steel.
Not a knife, but an essential part of the knife kit. Used for truing and maintaining
knife edges (not for sharpening them – see Chapter 7).

15. Cutting board.
An important partner to the knife. Hardwood boards are favored by many chefs.
Hard rubber or plastic boards are thought to be more sanitary, but there is some
evidence that bacteria survive longer on plastic and rubber than on wood.Cutting
boards must be kept very clean.

            Note: In some communities,wooden boards are prohibited by health regulations


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